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医药物流 & 买球用什么正规app

Proper and professional handling of important medical supplies and materials

While 墨菲 works with companies in a variety of industries, from food grade storage and distribution to industrial outdoor storage, one of the most specialized industries that we work with is medical logistics. Our facilities are designed to create safe and efficient storage and distribution points for all types of products. Each industry has its own special set of needs, and this is no exception when it comes to medical warehousing.

医药物流 Security

Our well-established 安全 procedures throughout our storage warehouses are designed to make certain that products are kept safe, procedures are followed, and our client’s trust is maintained. When it comes to medical logistics, 安全 is a top priority for us as well as for each of our many clients. We understand the significance of medical warehousing and logistics, and the need to have the best systems in place for such sensitive products. You will find that 墨菲’s team follows similar 安全 measures for all of our clients, regardless of the industry.

医药物流 Safety and Certifications

While safety is a top priority for all products, medical logistics requires specialized care. In the medical industry, safety requirements are often not standardized. That means that in working with medical grade logistics companies, there’s a need to establish these procedures for each client. This is a significant aspect of what we do as trusted medical-grade logistics and warehousing partners.
From storage requirements pertaining to temperature, 湿度, and allergen control, to distribution procedures that take every part of the supply chain into account, we provide top-tier safety for all medical logistics clients.

墨菲’s facilities also have certifications to ensure that our facilities are safe to handle a variety of products. These certifications are typically designed to help us store food materials, which have some of the highest demands and accountabilities. The procedures we follow with these certifications lend themselves well to the storage of medical devices and 药品. We are also open to exploring any certification necessary as needed by new clients in the medical industry.

Medical Distribution

Product distribution is the processing, 挑选, and shipping of materials from a storage facility to a third party. Distribution in the medical industry often has extra steps to ensure product safety throughout the journey. Temperature and 湿度 control throughout the entire supply chain is a common need in medical logistics. Our medical warehousing team has the expertise to follow all procedures needed to keep medical-grade products safe. From PPE and employee safety standards to specialized packaging materials and transportation options, we will work with you to keep products safe and secure as they are shipped and delivered to your customers.

Medical Transportation

Our team has a number of different transportation options for medical clients. On 墨菲’s asset-based fleet, we have 安全 measures such as tracking and tracing to ensure that trucks are on the right path. Our brokerage team also works with transportation providers specializing in medical grade transportation. Many customers also utilize their own fleet of trucks to move products in and out of our facilities. Whether temperature control, 安全, or specialized options are your priority, we have the right fit for your medical grade transportation.

No matter if you work with medical devices, 药品, or any other healthcare-related items, consult our team to learn about the medical logistics options that we can have for your supply chain. Get started by simply completing one of the forms below.